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This is an intimate and fun, childbirth education class. Class will meet for four 3 hour group sessions. During our time together, the mother and her birth partner will explore all options available to her and her baby.

This class will prepare mother and support group for an experience they desire throughout the entire motherhood transition. Based on BIRTHFIT's four pillars, we will uncover the birth mission statement unique to each of you, prepare for birth, and establish a plan of support, love, and nourishment postpartum.

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birthfit Postpartum: Breath & Flow

This series is designed for postpartum mamas and starts with breath work and evolves into full body functional motor patterns. You will establish a solid core foundation, wake up your posterior chain, and enhance your posture through safe, effective movements that transfer to any activity in our daily lives. Our top three words to describe this class would be BREATH, BODY, and FLOW.

The class will be 75-90 minutes in length for four weeks in a row. You will be also be given movement homework to practice. So, come ready to move and connect with the BIRTHFIT Tribe. Non-mobile babies are welcome!

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birthfit power hour 

The Power Hour is a FREE workshop! This class is an informative dive into each of BIRTHFIT's four pillars: fitness, nutrition, chiropractic, and mindset.

If you experience core or pelvic floor dysfunction (i.e. Diastatis Rectus Abdominus, peeing your pants during a hearty laugh or box jumps, or back pain during lifts) you will NOT want to miss this community class!  You will learn how to rehabilitate your core and pelvic floor by returning to your innate origins of functional movement.

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Now that you’ve brought a baby into the world, it’s time to rehab your body, mind & soul. In this 8-session group training series, you will establish a solid core foundation, wake up your posterior chain, & enhance your posture through safe, effective functional movements that transfer into everyday life tasks. Come prepared to move, sweat, & connect with other new mamas.