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Hello BIRTHFIT tribe, I am Dr. Eileen Abrahamian. I am a chiropractor that specializes in prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric care. Giving back and serving the children and families in the community has always been at the center of all my initiatives. I am a lover of all things coffee, fascinated by the human body’s innate ability, and a lifetime learner.

The motherhood transition is an empowering time in a woman’s life, and I love being the supportive and reliable resource for all the mamas out there!

Prior to chiropractic school I was a preschool teacher. I learned early on that my life’s purpose is to work with children, and what better way to do that than becoming a BIRTHFIT chiropractor, and providing families the ability to achieve optimal health!

I am a strong believer in leading by example and truly live my life applying the four pillars of BIRTHFIT; fitness, nutrition, chiropractic, and mindset! I'm here to support and guide you through the process.